Forging new ground in metal separation

Since our founding in autumn of 2008, Ecovery has been in the forefront of scrap recycling. Our central location in Loxley, Alabama, and access to I-10 make receiving and distribution fast and easy for our customers. With a focus on nonferrous metal, we’ve continued to add to our product line with innovations such as our slag conditioner, Deox 70. In spring 2016, the Melt Plant officially opened, with an on-site rotary and reverb furnace to melt primary and secondary aluminum scrap and cast it into recycled secondary ingots (RSI) or Deox Cones. A third processing line was added in 2017, followed by a pre-shredder and fourth chopping line in 2018. As of 2023, we are now on our sixth processing line, with plans to continue our growth in the near future.

Expanding our reach

By diversifying to meet more customer needs, we evolved to become one of the largest metal recyclers in the Southeast in under a decade—and we’re still growing.

Ecovery regularly invests in R&D innovation to vastly increase capacity and production, all while reducing cost per pound of output. We have been recognized with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification for its high level of customer service, quality products, and continual improvement.

Truly “next-gen” innovation

Ecovery is family-owned and operated by three successive generations. In fact, the family line of manufacturing, customer service, diversification and innovation goes back at least as far as 1931, when Sloan Implement—one of the world’s largest independently-owned John Deere dealerships—was founded.

Appropriately for a family specializing in agricultural manufacturing, growth is always a key goal. The Sloans have diversified many times, from steel grain bins (today’s industry-leader GSI) to plastics. Now with Ecovery, the family has incorporated the expertise of new team members to continue its diversification strategy into aluminum melting and wider distribution. Like our business, the Ecovery team is ever-expanding to better serve your needs.

Larry Sloan, Partner
Kevin Sloan, Chairman of the Board
Walter Norris, Processing Plant Manager
Brock Norris, CEO-Managing Member
Nathan Norris, Co-Production Manager/Logistics
Ethan Sloan, Melt Plant Manager