A diversified approach to problem solving

Ecovery continues to be a North American leader of nonferrous metal processing. Our diversification of products has served to expand our customers’ supplier base, with other primary and secondary grades of aluminum scrap available to create different alloys of sows/recycled secondary ingots (RSI). Ecovery has established a unique niche in the scrap industry. We are equipped, through our two in-house labs, to fulfil the specifications of each individual customer.

Keeping the supply ready to roll

Building on our relationships with our suppliers, Ecovery maintains well-stocked inventories of nonferrous scrap as well as primary and secondary metals. We consistently monitor markets to ensure a plentiful supply to provide for the demands of the industry.

Ready-made solutions

Ecovery’s own onsite fabrication shop means that our equipment is continually maintained, reducing downtime, lost production, and distribution delays. This allows us to ensure the availability and delivery of our customers’ products.

Doing something good for the environment

We at Ecovery care passionately about the environment. Our operations help reduce the mining of virgin raw materials as well as carbon emissions. Ecovery has become nationally recognized as a go-to non-magnetic metals recycler for comprehensive quality recycling.

Ecovery is ISO 14001:2015 compliant, meeting international standards for an effective environmental management system (EMS). We also exceed compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations. We are committed to ongoing process improvement to better serve our customers while protecting the environment we all share.

Shipping to meet your needs and your schedule

From a central location in Loxley, Alabama, Ecovery has the capacity to supply copper and aluminum to customers throughout the midwestern, eastern, and southeastern U.S.—and to export to other countries. Shipping options include containers, our own fleet of trucks (vans, flatbeds, and dump trucks), rail, and intermodal. We regularly store additional raw materials in warehouses across the Midwest to provide additional support in times of need in short order.