Our Commitment to the Planet and People
At Ecovery, we're not just in the business of recycling metal. We're in the business of preserving our world for future generations. Located at the heart of Baldwin County, Alabama, we've taken a steadfast vow towards environmental sustainability and socio-economic responsibility. Our journey is not just about transforming scrap metal into valuable resources; it's about nurturing the planet and the communities around us.

Conserve Today, Sustain Tomorrow
Our operations center on the essential practice of recycling nonferrous metals, including the meticulous shredding, granulation, and separation of copper and aluminum-bearing scrap. By refining and repurposing these materials, we significantly reduce the need for virgin ore mining, thus conserving the earth's precious natural resources and diminishing our ecological footprint.

Ecovery Global Trading

Supporting Baldwin County and Beyond
Ecovery’s heart beats along with Baldwin County and the wider Alabama state, extending its reach to global markets where our crafted materials bring economic growth. Our deep roots in the community are nurtured by our commitment to giving back, be it through supporting local voluntary organizations or engaging in initiatives that foster community development.

Innovative Sustainability Solutions
We leverage cutting-edge technology and continuous research and development to not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. From highly durable aluminum to conductive copper products, we ensure every item we produce underpins both quality for the user and care for the environment.

ISO-Certified Excellence
Proudly holding ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, Ecovery reflects an unwavering dedication to operational excellence and environmental management. For us, these aren’t just certifications; they are a testament to our commitment to making the world a better place through our daily actions and long-term visions.

Ecovery Global Trading